Astrology and London Escorts

I didn’t know realize until recently, but one of my favorite London escorts is an astrologer as well. When she is not busy working as part of a team of London escorts, she puts together horoscopes for an astrology website. The London escorts agency she works for is quite happy to let her do that as it promotes them as well.

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If you check out some London escorts agencies websites, you will soon come across Anita’s horoscopes. It might be a bit weird to find out that London escorts double up as astrologers, but I think it is a neat idea.

The last time Anita and I had a date, I asked her to cast a horoscope for me for 2018, and I have just picked up my Taurus astrology horoscope 2018.

Sex will be an important part of your life during 2018. In recent years, your sex life has been a bit on the back burner, and you have not felt in touch with your sexuality. During 2018 this will change, and this is the year you will come alive sexuality.

You have always enjoyed sex, but this year, you will enjoy it more than ever. Dating escorts have been a diversion for you, but this year you will meet someone special. She will draw you into her fantasy life of exotic pleasures and fetishes, and make all your sexy day dreams come true.

You need to get fit to be able to keep up with this lady. If you don’t, you may face losing all your stamina, and we would not want that to happen. Get fit, and this little hot bit of stuff will take you to heaven and back.

Taurus often fancy that they have good technique when it comes to sex but it is clear that you still have a lot to learn. You need to have a good teacher, and if you are really lucky, you will be able to learn a lot from your new sexy companion.

It may be intimidating at first, but you should see what you are about to embark on like a journey into new pleasure, and let your body discover new horizons which go beyond oceans of pleasure.

But, you need to be aware that you may find yourself drawn into an under current of unknown sexual desires that you are afraid to describe even to yourself let alone your friends. Up until now, your sex life has been kind of normal but be ready to insert and inject a little bit of kink into your love making.

Surrendering to the dark sexual side of your nature will give you tremendous release, and as you slowly progress through 2018, you will find new pleasures waiting for you in each month. If you would like my advice Taurus, you should set aside this year for sexual and hedonistic pleasures beyond your wildest dreams.

There is nothing you can do Taurus, your sexual year of 2018 is written in the stars, and you cannot change your fate.


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